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teresawu90score:5.0 / 52018-08-15

Stay here on business for the first time, away from the city close, very quiet.
ajingscore:5.0 / 52018-08-15

Hotel away from Bund and Nanjing Road are is near, Metro 2, Line 10 line traffic convenience. small Dr health fried and laohongxing soup points casually go go on can see. Although tone four star, but hotel has era has, and new of hotel cannot compared. clean health of aunt is good, lobby welcome bin of Uncle kind, waiter attitude also good, except users took to of that bit female waiter. room can see land home mouth of Shanghai landmarks, next is Suzhou River. anyway, Shanghai of line is good.
tony2344score:5.0 / 52018-08-15

And we think it's great
bb65180score:4.5 / 52018-08-14

It's OK to live in
~ ~ Thurs grassscore:3.0 / 52018-08-13

Okay, friends, customer service can also be
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