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The Bund Riverside (Shanghai Xinxietong Guoji Dajiudian) occupies a prime location where the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek meet,  close to Shanghai's famous Bund and the popular East Nanjing Road pedestrian street,  the lively streets of Hongkou and the newly landscaped banks of the cleaned-up Suzhou Creek.   and nearby Metro Line 2 (Nanjing East Road Station) and taxis provide easy access to the rest of the city.      [View Detail]    

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  • teresawu90
    Stay here on business for the first time, away from the city close, very quiet.
  • ajing
    Hotel away from Bund and Nanjing Road are is near, Metro 2, Line 10 line traffic convenience. small Dr health fried and laohongxing soup points casually go go on can see. Although tone four star, but hotel has era has, and new of hotel cannot compared. clean health of aunt is good, lobby welcome bin of Uncle kind, waiter attitude also good, except users took to of that bit female waiter. room can see land home mouth of Shanghai landmarks, next is Suzhou River. anyway, Shanghai of line is good.
  • tony2344
    And we think it's great
  • bb65180
    It's OK to live in
  • ~ ~ Thurs grass
    Okay, friends, customer service can also be
  • aurora1201
    And we think it's great
  • ben111
    Help at the front desk upgraded sets, family love, convenient, good environment, travel is easy. to later have to live it.
  • alic1956
    Hotel Metro 'Nanjing Road' ten minute walk, location very good, room very clean and tidy, simple breakfast dishes can just may recommend next time to stay, only to take notice of the time and never stay six points and no guarantee will be cancelled scheduled
  • belle_1982
    Overall hotel facilities good, slightly
  • lufei0788
    Hotel location the environment is also good, not far from the Bund
  • lanye990
    Often travels to Shanghai, staying in this hotel, good location, but before it, free upgrade to view, none of these live well, hope that the next time a surprise ~
  • bernstein
    Beautiful scenery, facilities are also very good, very comfortable
  • discover
    Staying in the hotel for the first time, facilities are somewhat old, but given the location, prices. overall is good. for there to be staying in the hotel.
  • e00148035
    Not recommended
  • c_i_a
    Near Metro station, health was good, next time will stay
  • James_007
    Very good, from the Bund, Temple, Nanjing Road
  • bellanan
    Hotel location was excellent, out running errands and convenient transportation, prices are a bit too expensive.
  • nunni
    I got the information of this hotel from my oversea colleague. this hotel is with high service standard and mostly it's close to waitan.
  • lostin2
    I have stayed at this hotel many times and found that people, facilities and position is very good - would not hesitate to recommend this hotel to others
  • renxiaoyang8640
    Good location, located in the Suzhou River, Nanjing East Road Metro station (line 2-Line 10) 500 meters walk no more than 10 minutes; 800 m on the Bund, was a little more than ten minutes. free upgrade complete, very good facilities, clean health. breakfast variety but very affordable restaurant landscape.
  • friting
    Good location, close to the Bund, Nanjing pedestrian street, you can see the Pearl of the Orient, but health in General, facilities are old and generally okay
  • Jerry Wang Chieh
    More disappointing, used to live, but the next time to live
  • Dynamic0
    Location good, two a junction that to street. set has two big bed room, caught up with auto show and weekend, hotel room only retained to 6 points, playing has n more phone also cannot extended time, also not accept guarantees. last we catch in 5:50 to shop, by set room type no has, free upgrade has standard between, room is big, estimated has 35 flat above. two a 3 age children breakfast added has total 40RMB.500 more of price, price very good.
  • luliu
    So so
  • caijingjin
  • e00804723
    Location in a quiet, not far from the subway line Line 2 East Nanjing Road station, next to Nanjing Road pedestrian street. the internal public decoration and facilities such as elevators in older, spacious, well-equipped, clean, overall a higher cost.
  • serena
    Nice the room was very clean, very close to the Nanjing Road
  • e00169915
    Accommodation is very comfortable, the traffic is very convenient ... a very good environment, very clean ... very quiet at night, good.
  • liying8232188
    Service is good, hotel is OK, location was very good, just 10 minutes walk to the Bund. next time you would choose this hotel
  • lxn690707
    All right
  • badboy8002
    Very good, convenient accommodation in Nice
  • guaiyuer
    Room clean and tidy, excellent service from Nanjing Road and the Bund, 5 minutes and less than 10 minutes away, near from the Metro line and Line 2, 10th, very convenient!
  • e03224793
    Nice! traffic is very convenient, for business travel ... will have the opportunity to choose this hotel again next time.
  • ronniewu
    For the price we pay we are very satisfied with this Hotel, the location was perfect! from here you can access almost every tourist place in Shanghai!
  • Mini Bear
    Had it not been for going to Shanghai Pudong and HongQiao, have nothing to choose, and must have lived here, the scenery is very beautiful, living room of this hotel must be selected or the river landscape, definitely value for money.
  • mustang_li
    The prices in urban areas is okay! but the service is too slow!
  • dony1118
    Very nice hotel, although more history, but the service is good, and architectural styles are European, like friends worth trying.
  • Jecy-gao
    Reasonable price, good location and quiet!
  • e04906590
    In a quiet place, and celebrity dinner you can go to Ningbo road, Nanjing Road, very close to the Metro station, service attitude is good, is that Windows can make a small cut, a little boring, the overall feeling is good
  • claynlew
    Hotel too old, Environment General
  • paul2011
    Good health condition and the environment is good, service is in place!
  • bg5fgx
    Location is quite good, overall very satisfied with it.
  • annabell627
    Which is very nice
  • e03574657
    Free change room, began to change my hotel too far
  • civilego
    Nice very nice, the service is good, the rooms are clean and very comfortable ... just don't understand why the carpets in the middle with a cloth cover
  • bayview
    Service is very good, location was convenient, cost-effective
  • airli
    Super convenient! nice!-go, a lot of shopping malls! it's out of this world! Messe in the evening watching the concert took a taxi back as long as more than 40 more! next is selected here ... nice! environment is also good! stick da-HA HA-
  • die7788
    Two superior rooms, 11 floors high cost performance, Duo window can see the Pearl Tower, the key is the old man on the line. Place line Subway Line 2 East Nanjing Road Station walking 5 minutes or so, far away from the viewing platform on the Bund, should have 10 minutes. turn left out of the hotel after a traffic light has a street you can buy fruits, breakfast and there's a good shop near. Although not many restaurants around the hotel, but it's convenient. walk to Nanjing RoadEat more. Facilities; room in also line, but toilet is that compared vintage of, see figure. but also can accept. two Zhang double away from have is near, gently a push on into Super big bed has, with child sleep is convenient. air conditioning will somewhat sound. for away from trunk road far, and floors high, closed window, outside of car sound General not effect, as open window will has little. another, lobby of seat too less, on only sat 3, 4 real's, elderly tired has,, check IN when no place to sit. Service; zhiqian see evaluation, said not to 2 points not let staying, and attitude is bad. but this I 10 points more check in Shi, encountered of May is lobby Manager like, has in as coordination see whether has has Pack good of room, let I ahead of staying, also can help I upgrade River King room, but two a room in different floors. but I for to care elderly, on thanks has, but also was told 1 points can do staying. luggage can first left-... Then when you check out, see the photo is placed between the female front desk, another front desk, but received me, smile is very good, and very polite. said earlier be quiet room with old people, and help make arrangements to leave the elevator farther. in view of this, hotels are doing to improve, also should be encouraged to pay tribute. But I as a deposit by credit card pre-authorisation, in other hotels do not need to save the receipt before. When you check out front for my SilverThe pre-authorization form was not found, were told not to thaw, automatically after 15 days ... hurry off, I do not bother to argue, when we'll see ... to believe in you.
  • jona_ye
    Good location, service a bit to be desired.
  • podol
    Clean-good service attitude, volunteered to help with our luggage-Oriental Pearl can be seen in the hotel room, haha-WiFi routing to deposit, but free WiFi near the search as fast! nice