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The homestay is uniting, 'sharing resources, leaving guests'

Date: 2020-06-22

During the rising period of the lodging industry, well-known homestays such as Xipo and Dalezhiye represent the peak period of the homestay industry. Obviously, Lang Chengjie's wave happened to step on the consolidation period of the homestay industry.

Xiaolang said frankly: "From now on, the average occupancy rate is about 50%. In the case of an epidemic this year, it is a cliff-like decline." Fortunately, "the house is self-owned and there is no rental pressure; in terms of manpower, it is basically self-owned. Operating, the expenditure is relatively small."

Jointly do overnight stay, let the guests stay

But Xiaolang is not a passer-by. He has been wondering how to improve his business.

"I think this epidemic also gave me a chance to calm down and think about how to go in the future."

Xiao Lang found that many guests who came to stay at the homestay would ask: What is fun around? Where can I go shopping? They often do not stay in the room or stay long.

If the guests can stay and stay longer, can it improve the operation of the homestay?

Moreover, the power of one person and one store is limited after all, but what if several people and several stores unite?

Xiaolang began to look for "little friends" in the surrounding homestays. After such a search, he really found a unique bed and breakfast in the same village-

Ruoxi, the host of the homestay likes audio and video. There are many audiovisual rooms in the homestay, and there are also many good movies. The hostess likes to roast, making good pastries and good coffee; the brook in front of the door, the green grass in the courtyard Yin

Wandering the mountain township, the male host of the bed and breakfast was a chef, and he was good at cooking; both couples like gardening, and the small garden at the door of the bed and breakfast is maintained in a beautiful and evergreen season;

Qingqi, the owner of the homestay is a senior tea artist, and he is also good at the processing of local products. If you want to understand the local culture and history, you can go to his home;

On the other side of the mountain, the owner of the homestay is a veteran off-road expert and a fishing enthusiast. Welcome to communicate with us.

"I contacted four other homestays in the village, together with our family, jointly launched the "Xiantan Sulv". For guests, resources can be shared. For example, guests who live in my house, I can recommend them to stroll through the garden of the mountain township. Afternoon tea, go to Ruoxi B&B to watch a movie in the evening. If you are interested in the history of Mogan Mountain and Xiantan Village, recommend them to go to Qingqi to find a boss to drink tea and chat; if you have a sense of cross-country, sports and fishing If you are interested, I recommend them to have tea and chat over the mountain. Similarly, if the guests who live in these houses are interested in bonsai, they will recommend to our moss garden."

The purpose of this is one thing: to allow guests to stay and find it interesting to live in a bed and breakfast in Xiantan; to be able to come back again and again, and to recommend relatives and friends to come over after a family comes.

In addition to developing characteristic homestays in the same village, Xiaolang is also working hard to expand the surrounding amusement places.

"We still have many scenic spots near Xiantan Village. Not to mention that it is not far from Yucun Village, that is, the nearby Longtan Scenic Area, Xiantan Flower Sea, Xianren Cave, Tea Garden, etc., can be used by residents. We will follow up later Make some route planning for the surrounding scenic spots, print it as a promotional material to the residents, or take the residents directly to play."

The combination of homestays has become a general trend in recent years

In fact, with the vigorous development of rural tourism and the introduction of country homestays across the country in recent years, the homestay guest group is gradually diverging. Even the head homestay brands and homestay highlands that have never been worried about business and hard to find a room in the past have begun to join. In the competition for robbing customers; this competitive situation has become more apparent with the outbreak of the outbreak and the decrease in occupancy rate at the beginning of this year.

In the face of this status quo, one of the coping strategies of the homestay circle is to hold groups to warm up-a close or loose alliance between the homestays to gather and stay together.

On April 12, Lao Guo, the founder of Baicuishanju, led a team to cross nearly half of China, search for homestays and hotels along the way, and start the Star Connected Live Broadcast Challenge.

The Lao Guo team hopes to realize the interconnection of traffic, mutual operation assistance, and supply chain sharing in the form of live broadcast with goods through interconnection with travel and lodging companies along the way.

In the end, after 15 days of interconnection challenges, it has traveled more than 6,000 kilometers, successfully interconnected 14 homestays, sold more than 1,000 rooms, gained more than 20,000 new fans, and built a private domain traffic sharing platform called Xingsu Internet.

On June 10, 25 homestay villages (groups) in 11 towns (streets) in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province faced global investment promotion, and released ten new policies to support the development of the homestay industry. The development "upsurge" ignited a new bursting point in rural revitalization and development. In the planning, Ruian's homestay cluster plans to build a multi-service homestay village by introducing supporting industries such as culture, catering, leisure, and experience.

There were spontaneous associations of private travel and lodging companies before, and government-led business alliances afterwards. It can be seen that Xiaolang’s and friends’ travel is on a road that is in line with the development of homestays. I look forward to the fact that Xiantan Travel can grow bigger and bigger. ,Getting better.