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China Tourism Day is established ten years, China's tourism seeks new changes

Date: 2020-05-21

On May 19th, we ushered in China Tourism Day, and various measures to benefit the people were introduced throughout the country. Beijing ’s Forbidden City, Wuhan ’s Yellow Crane Tower, Xi’an Terracotta Warriors and other well-known scenic spots in China have also reopened one after another.

It has been ten years since the establishment of China Tourism Day in 2011. In the past decade, China's tourism has greatly improved both in terms of volume and influence. There have also been new changes in the society ’s understanding of the tourism industry, tourists ’travel behavior and attitudes, etc. From which we can see not only the growing progress of China ’s tourism, but also a glimpse into the future direction of China ’s tourism.

Start "new" travel

This year's China Tourism Day, festival discounts were launched in many places across the country, giving visitors free tickets, half-price tickets, coupons and other "big gift packages." "Cloud tourism", "cloud promotion" and "cloud shopping" have become new features and highlights this year.

Through the live broadcast form of “Cloud Conference” and “Online Cloud Tour”, Beijing leads tourists to experience Beijing style online with the theme of “walking around Beijing and visiting Beijing suburbs”. Netizens recommend selected cultural and creative gifts, non-legacy products and a variety of special products from Hubei to help Hubei "restart"; Fujian Xiamen uses "cloud publicity" means, live broadcast on all antennas, and holds 6 online events to promote Xiamen rich Tourism resources and cultural tourism integration development results; Sichuan, Chengdu held the "Weekend Tour Chengdu · Taste Slow Life" 2020 China Tourism Day large-scale cloud live broadcast theme event.

Smart tourism has become the mainstream of Chinese tourism this year.

Since the reopening of tourist attractions and attractions in various places, booking, staggering, and current limit have become "standard", the role of the smart tourism platform has been fully exerted, and smart services such as online ticket purchase, face entry, and self-guided tour have been widely used. , While implementing the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures to maximize the safety and order of tourists, and increase the experience and satisfaction of tourists.

It is foreseeable that the reservation system and customization will become the new normal of tourism consumption in the future. For tourist destinations, providing good products and good services will no longer be the only requirement. It is more important for visitors to visit safe and secure travel while watching the beautiful scenery. The safety, environment, and service quality of tourist destinations will have a key impact on tourists' tourism decisions, and new tourist safety concepts for Chinese tourists will gradually take shape.

Yiyexing drives Baiyewang

Tourism is one of the important industries for promoting employment and stimulating consumption. It has high correlation and strong driving characteristics, and is an important driving force for economic development. Therefore, the tourism industry, which is gradually picking up, has high hopes in various places.

Since the restart, many places in the tourism industry have handed out good "transcripts." In mid-April, Guizhou promulgated the "Special Action Plan for Promoting 100-Day Consumption of Colorful Guizhou", which puts the "Expanding Cultural Tourism Consumption Action" first, and guides Guizhou people to travel and pull through measures such as free tickets and colorful Guizhou consumer coupons Consumption growth. During the "May Day" period, many Guizhou scenic spots made full reservations on the same day. The high popularity of the tourism industry has greatly boosted the consumption growth of local tourism-related industries. Taking the Qingming small holiday as an example, the data shows that during this period, Guizhou ’s total tourism revenue was 4.28 billion yuan, and ticket revenue only accounted for 13.0155 million yuan. The rest of the consumption came from related industries such as transportation, catering, accommodation, and tourism goods.

Liao Huasheng, secretary of the Siming District Party Committee of Xiamen City and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Gulangyu Scenic Area Administrative Committee, introduced that local consumption of more than 150 million yuan was directly driven by the consumption of 6 million yuan of consumption vouchers. Hua Yuan, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that during the "May Day" period, the total number of tourists in Shanghai reached 7.07 million, driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan.

The online travel industry is exploring a new path. Watching live broadcasts, drawing up your own travel plans, and purchasing travel products have gradually become an important way for people to travel and consume, and have also spawned a series of new ways to sell travel products. Under the strong driving role of the tourism industry, online sales of other products have also "married" with tourism, and "secretaries endorsements" of local specialties have become a highlight of online sales this year.

For local development, tourism is also placed in an important position. Yunnan, a major tourism province, is steadily advancing the recovery of the cultural tourism industry. At the two meetings held in Yunnan Province recently, smart tourism, digitalization of cultural tourism, and new cultural tourism IP have become hot words.

The consumption concept is more rational

“In recent years, the changes in China ’s tourism have been too great, the products are getting richer and the quality is constantly improving.” Mr. Shan, who loves to travel, told reporters that he arranges two or three trips every year and has gone to all province. In addition to the constant updating and iteration of tourism products, the changes of tourists make him feel deeper. "Whether it's a group tour or a free trip, the tourists I meet are more rational, autonomous, and civilized."

In recent years, the concept of civilized tourism has become more and more popular through the continuous promotion of government authorities, tourism enterprises, and the media. Queuing in scenic spots, protecting the environment and caring for cultural relics have become the rules that tourists consciously abide by. The concept of traveling abroad to follow the customs and respect the habits of local people has also been popularized.

With the high frequency of tourism activities, people's view of tourism consumption has also changed. The "walking horses and flowers" type of tourism is gradually transitioning to in-depth tourism, cultural tourism, and customized tourism. Tourists pay more attention to the experience and feelings in tourism activities, while attaching importance to their impact on the tourism environment.

"In the past, I would care about where I have been. Now, I value the in-depth understanding of a place." Ms. Zhang, a Shanghai tourist, told reporters that she is willing to pay for related cultural products and experience activities during tourism activities. "This is very different from my consumption view a few years ago. At that time, domestic travel was mainly for viewing and overseas travel for shopping." In the past month, through watching short videos and live broadcasts, Ms. Zhang "clouded". Many places in the country, the scenery, culture and people of those places deeply touched her, and she also bought some local specialties. "Thinking that my contribution can help the locals, I think this kind of tourism is really meaningful."