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How can peripheral tours become 'dark horses'?

Date: 2020-05-17

On May 11, after more than three months of closure, Shanghai Disneyland reopened, and all tickets for the first day were sold out. In fact, as soon as the news of the reopening of the park came out, it caused a lot of attention. Within a few hours, the search volume of related tickets and holiday products on the Ctrip platform increased by more than 500%, and the pre-sale of the Flying Pig flagship store was only 3 on the 8th. In minutes, the tickets for the first day of opening and the first Saturday have been emptied.

The popularity of landmark tourism projects after the restart reflects the strong demand and potential of the public in tourism consumption. However, as current cross-provincial and cross-border tourism is still limited, peripheral tourism products have become an important choice for people's tourism consumption. Therefore, how to increase the richness of peripheral tourism products and further expand the market potential of peripheral tourism has become a question worth discussing.

Among the current tours around the Pearl River Delta, there are many products of natural landscape and cultural folklore. Apart from climbing mountains to see the sea and visiting karst caves, there are also some trendy travel experiences such as camping, RVs and low-flying flights. However, in Yunnan, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, where relatively characteristic tourism started earlier, apart from large-scale theme parks, far away from the surrounding tourism of the Pearl River Delta city, they often fell into the embarrassing situation of nowhere to travel at night. So, will night tourism become a breakthrough point in the recovery of peripheral tourism after the epidemic?

In recent years, the popularity of night tourism has been increasing. After the summer, people's demand for night tourism will also increase. The night tour projects in the city are becoming more and more abundant, such as the famous Pearl River night tour, interesting museum nights and so on. Guangdong is rich in natural ecological resources and humanities and historical resources. The peripheral tours outside the city can also be combined with relevant resources to create a highly experienced night tour scene. In addition to the version 1.0 night theater, light show, version 2.0 cultural tourism town, bird watching Star-level night ecological guides and night treasure hunts that are strongly associated with cultural IP and other projects can enhance the richness of surrounding tourism products.

Whether the destination is worth visiting depends on whether there is anything to play around and whether it is fun or not. Generally speaking, scenic spots, accommodation, entertainment, catering and other formats need to form an agglomeration effect in order to be more attractive and retain overnight visitors. Judging from the author's personal experience, the concentration effect of many destinations around the Pearl River Delta is not obvious. It is difficult to find high-quality accommodation products around high-quality scenic spots. Similarly, it is difficult to have diversified surrounding hotels or homestays worth experiencing Tourist products can be experienced and dining options are very limited. Strengthening the convergence and agglomeration effects of related formats will help to increase the attractiveness of destinations.

In addition, wonderful surrounding tourism products also need high-quality IP labels to "bless", products that can highlight their own cultural characteristics will be impressive. As far as Disney is concerned, its high-quality IP range is very wide, covering TV, comics, movies, parks, books, games and many other fields, and it is also known as the "IP King". In the fiercely competitive domestic theme park market, the development and layout of its own IP will become the key to establishing a differentiated advantage. In fact, not only does the theme park need to establish its own unique IP, but each tourist attraction should also strengthen its awareness of shaping its own cultural label. Otherwise, in the face of the same amusement facilities and similar natural landscapes, it is difficult for people to get the ideal travel experience while walking around.