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High-end travel market May 1 counterattack: 50% of consumers book five-star hotels

Date: 2020-05-11

Affected by the epidemic situation, the recovery situation of the just-concluded "May Day" holiday tourism market has attracted much attention.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a total of 115 million domestic tourists were received throughout the country during the five-day holiday period.

In comparison, the number of tourists during the May Day holiday this year fell 41% year-on-year, about 60% of last year's return; tourism revenue fell 59.6% year-on-year, about 40% last year. Compared with the total number of domestic tourist receptions of 43.254 million during the Qingming holiday in 2020, the May Day holiday has achieved a month-on-month growth of 166%.

This means that the domestic tourism market is gradually recovering. But as far as the overall market is concerned, the new characteristics of market segmentation are particularly worthy of attention.

Among them, high-end tourism products have risen against the trend in this small holiday, becoming the focus of the tourism industry practitioners.

According to data released by Ctrip (TCOM.US), this year's "May Day" small holiday "explosions" are generally concentrated on high-end travel products, 5 diamond high-end products accounted for more than 70% of the total number of free line orders, 2-6 Has become a trend. Some analysts believe that Chinese people's demand for travel for many months needs to find a place to settle, and easy, comfortable and high-quality "leisure travel" is more popular.

In an interview with the media, Liang Jianzhang, chairman of Ctrip's board of directors, predicted: "Compared with traditional group tourism, after the epidemic, high-end leisure travel will be more popular."

According to Ctrip ’s previously released “Big Data Report on New Trends in Tourism May 2020”, high-end products have sprung up during the May Day holiday. Among the hotels currently booked by consumers, 5-star hotel bookings account for 50%, and orders for hotel products over 1,000 yuan account for the highest proportion of all orders.

According to statistics from a random survey conducted by the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Hainan ’s high-end hotels ushered in a small peak. Among them, the average occupancy rate of 10 hotels in Haikou is 26.7%, and the average occupancy rate of 10 hotels in Sanya is 51.2%. The occupancy rate of high-end brand hotels is significantly higher than the average occupancy rate, the higher the end the more popular. The occupancy rate of high-end brand hotels in Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay and Shenzhou Peninsula reached 80%, and the occupancy rate of Atlantis Sanya and Mission Hills hotels in Haikou even reached more than 90%.

The information disclosed by Fosun Travel Group (01992.HK) also confirmed this view. With the increasing demand for Beijing and Shanghai tourists' surrounding tourism, Club Med ushered in the first occupancy peak after this year's epidemic. Anji and Beijing Yanqing Resort were all sold out during May Day.

Club Med Guilin Resort and Sanya Resort have opened their doors on April 27 and May 1, respectively. ClubMed Joyview Beidaihe Resort will reopen on May 28.

During this May 1 outing, a group of new tourism freshmen stepped onto the stage. They are the "post-15s". These little things make parent-child travel a tourism boom this year. Flying pig data shows that during May Day this year, parent-child travel between 0-3 years old increased by 77%. After 00, the growth rate of more than 500% has become a new force in travel consumption.

According to the structure of travel personnel for leisure and holiday tourism, family-based travel accounts for a relatively high proportion, and the demand for parent-child travel has gradually become the backbone of supporting domestic leisure and holiday tourism. In terms of travel methods, taking a baby tour gradually changed from "walking around" to "follow your child on vacation." Time-lapse parent-child popular scenic spots, mid-range high-end resort hotels or parent-child hotels became popular matches.

In 2019, the national population aged 0-14 was 234 million, accounting for 16.8%, which has been relatively stable in recent years. In the same year, the birth rate of the second child accounted for 59% of the total number of newborns. After the comprehensive two-child policy was liberalized, it had achieved results. It is foreseeable that with the two-child policy and the birth rate maintained, China ’s annual birth population will remain at about 14 million, and the total number of children will remain at about 200-230 million. If calculated according to a family of three, the largest population will be about 700 million Family fun market.

The middle-class group continues to expand, and the fragmentation time of the post-80s and 90s increases. In addition to online consumption, more attention is paid to parent-child / family consumption. Parent-child vacations have gradually become the mainstream leisure method. The average trip frequency of children is 3.81 / year. With the adjustment of population structure and changes in the concept of a new generation of parents, there is still significant room for improvement in the demand for parent-child leisure vacations, and the supply gap for high-quality vacation products will further expand.