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Receiving 7.07 million tourists and driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan, Shanghai B & B is popular

Date: 2020-05-06

The "May Day" holiday is coming to an end. The big data monitoring of the Shanghai Big Data Joint Innovation Lab (Tourism) shows that during the “May Day” holiday, Shanghai received 7.07 million tourists, driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan.

Shanghai outdoor tours, country trips, homestay tours, etc. are welcomed and loved by citizens. Many citizens do not choose to travel from Shanghai to Chongming, Jinshan, Fengxian and other suburbs to "punch in" villages. Compared with the beginning of the year, the growth trend of country house orders is obvious. Chongming, Jinshan, Fengxian and other cultural and tourism departments proactively docked the towns where the country houses are located, and established a "daily report, zero report" system to create a safe consumption accommodation atmosphere. The average occupancy rate of 332 country houses (including farmhouses) is 81%, far higher than the average room occupancy rate of tourist accommodation facilities of 27%.

Shanghai seizes the new growth point of the "cloud" and opens a new model of online and offline business and travel integration experience. One is the joyous “Cloud Festival”. In 2020, the “Citizen Cultural Festival” of Yunshang launched such exciting contents as “Non-stop Art”, “Yunyou Cloud Buy” and “Four Seasons Rewards”. During the festival, the number of hits reached 1.453 million. The second is the wonderful "Cloud Exhibition". Major museums, art galleries, and major cultural venues have launched more than 200 "Cloud Exhibitions" and online activities, with a view of 1.013 million times, which guides citizens to watch good shows, listen to good lessons, and watch the big events Exhibition, visit the market, enjoy the spring. The third is interactive "cloud sharing", the "Xianren Kitchen" featuring an innovative online interactive gourmet experience, focusing on popular elements on the Internet, and launching the theme activities of "Idleman Kitchen", "Fresh People Kitchen", "Xianren Kitchen", and "Xianren Kitchen". Encourage food lovers of different ages and different interest preferences to share the experience of food production and tasting, feel the joy of work, and effectively promote "cloud shopping".

During the "May Day" holiday, Shanghai's 130 major scenic spots have received a total of 2.85 million tourists. Among them, the safari park received a total of 79,500 people; the science and technology museum received a total of 14,300 people; Zhujiajiao Ancient Town received a total of 41,000 people; Haichang Ocean Park received a total of 37,500 people; Chenshan Botanical Garden received a total of 83,800 people; 8 red theme classes The scenic spots (points) received a total of 9,700 tourists.

During the "May Day" holiday, the Bund, Yuyuan Garden and Xiaolujiazui received a total of 622,800 tourists, 132,300 and 539,100 tourists respectively, and the Huangpu River Binjiang District received a total of 2.24996 million tourists; open museums and cumulative reception 36,600 visitors; museums open to the outside world, received a total of 96,800 visitors during the May Day; more than 200 public cultural places (non-genetic institutes, community cultural activity centers, group art halls, libraries) organized 579 reading activities Among them, various libraries have received a total of 30,000 people.

The online cultural tourism activities are rich, among which, the total number of views of various online activities of various art museums is 433,000; the cumulative views of “cloud exhibitions” of various museums exceed 580,000; and the total number of hits of Yunshang Citizen Cultural Festival is 1.453 million. The cultural and tourism public service centers received a total of 70,300 person-times; distributed 13,400 copies of various promotional materials. The Shanghai Tourism Terminal has sent 259 passengers and 9 departures.

During the "May Day" holiday, Shanghai did not receive major tourism safety accidents or mass complaints.