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New opportunities brought by cloud tourism and big data for tourism marketing

Date: 2020-05-02

Hello everyone, I am Sun Yunlei from Ma Honeycomb, sharing the theme: the new opportunities that cloud tourism and big data bring to tourism marketing. Ma Honeycomb is an online travel platform dedicated to serving young tourists freely. Over the years, we have been committed to making travellers play more professionally and freely. This epidemic has a great impact on the online travel platform, no less than any traditional travel industry. From year to now, the Ma Cellular online platform has been busy dealing with various problems caused by the epidemic. What I shared today, first, what are the impacts of the epidemic? The second is to deduce what new opportunities the epidemic situation brings to tourism marketing through data insights?

First, share the impact of the epidemic on the industry.

First, this epidemic has undergone very significant changes. It is not only a battle against viruses for the health and safety of human life, but also a battle for science and technology. Because intelligent services have played a major role in the fight against the epidemic, this has been widely accepted by society And recognition. Everyone recalls SARS more than ten years ago, and the information transparency at that time was far less than it is now. You can now use online data and big data to understand all the information during the epidemic and the impact on the tourism industry in real time, as well as the itinerary arrangements, including visa information, flight information, and quick refund and change. This information can be learned through the Ma cellular platform, and it can also be consulted through Internet platforms such as Alipay, 360 browsing, Tencent, and Baidu, which is very convenient. Big data can help China quickly solve social problems.

Second, within a month, the epidemic resulted in a 83% drop in online views. Basically, it can be understood that people ’s interest in travel has basically dropped to freezing point, but from this information, you can get inspiration, young travel Those who are more resilient are likely to become the vanguard of market recovery, because the information they express online is more positive, optimistic, and responsible. They also have a variety of ways to obtain information, and have stronger recovery capabilities. So after the epidemic ended, they were the first users to generate consumption.

Third, everyone now hears a word called cloud travel. Online cloud travel has become the main way for travelers to grow grass destinations. This is also the main topic I share today, bringing a new miracle of tourism marketing. From browsing grass to interactive live broadcasting, cloud travel is a popular entertainment method for young people.

Fourth, everyone knows that outbound travel is already in an irrecoverable state, and domestic travel will definitely be hot first, and peripheral travel will pick up first. Everyone is very concerned about this topic. In the past few days we released a report, which is expected to pick up The time was March 18, two weeks ago, the number of online views suddenly rose from the stagnation of a month ago. The government has introduced a lot of open policies to encourage consumption, making everyone dare to try to browse some of the surrounding travel information, so there has been a trend of recovery since March 18. We have drawn the rankings of cities that have picked up in the past two weeks. Yangzhou, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Huzhou, Jiangmen, Shangrao, Hebei, Wuxi, Leshan, and Hangzhou are among the top-ranked cities. city. These cities are mainly concentrated in East China and South China, especially Zhejiang. The opening policy was issued earlier, and another 1 billion yuan of subsidized consumer coupons were issued. This measure is very effective in promoting the recovery of the tourism industry.

Secondly, what new opportunities does cloud tourism and big data bring us?

The epidemic has brought a disastrous blow to the tourism industry. In fact, the Ma cellular platform has paid hundreds of millions of advance payments to help the tourism industry recover. From another perspective, the crisis is the touchstone, let us learn to polish ourselves again, we also want to find new opportunities through the changes of new travelers, so cloud tourism is a very big opportunity, especially Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Kuaishou these live video platforms are doing cloud travel. Travel is not just a travel accessory. Basically, all online social media or video platforms are doing things. Faced with these new opportunities, everyone wants to Take a piece of soup.

We have made a definition of the entire cloud tourism. Everyone is talking about cloud conferences or cloud training. The concept of "cloud" is already clear. So what is cloud tourism? We have made an official definition, which means that consumers complete a comprehensive understanding and exploration of destinations and scenic spots on the Internet through live video, virtual reality, real-time graphics, and the impact on the entire tourism industry is In the era of mobile Internet, it has realized the centralized expression of personalization, specialization, quality, and modernization, and it has fully met the development model of the new consumption scenario of mass tourism. Its form can be online live broadcast, VR travel, video website Wait a lot. The word cloud travel is a new word and is not a new phenomenon. As early as many years ago, everyone actually looked at the travel guide through the Internet, especially browsing the video information of the destination on Ma Honeycomb to grow grass destinations. In fact, many young people We chose to travel in this way, and we also have familiar Internet celebrities. Previously, we relied on Internet video media.

Who is deciding our travel? The first category is the people we adore, the people I like very much; the second category is the people who are similar to me; the third category is the people I know, the friends around me, or the friends I know online. Share, share the places you go, experience his feelings, you will listen to his suggestions, and then go to the places he has been.

Therefore, to influence your target audience to travel to your place, you must dress up as these three types of people and walk into the side of the target user. From the perspective of content itself, cloud travel actually relies more on content, and many people have such demands. For example, in terms of travel strategies, 95% of people will definitely browse the travel strategies of various platforms before traveling, although the amount of information Not the same, but 95% read a lot of information, so cloud tourism is just the need for this information. Second, the Internet is more interactive. Everyone likes to share and browse other people ’s information. The entire path of obtaining information is very similar to cloud travel. So everyone can understand that the travel strategy is a very important part of cloud tourism.

From the perspective of Ma Honeycomb, to see the more mainstream way of cloud tourism, through different forms of video, notes, travel videos, graphics, etc., to affect travelers. In fact, Ma Honeycomb has been doing things in this track. This information can be It is a good way to influence our travelers. They also influence others from the perspective of different identities. Therefore, the identity behind this determines whether your content can affect those people.

Next, focus on sharing three aspects of tourism marketing.

First, the live broadcast of travel. In addition to the live broadcasts that everyone thinks are vibrato and quick hands, we now find that there are many types of live broadcasts. There are also Taobao live broadcast, Jingdong live broadcast, Meituan live broadcast, and Gudong live broadcast. And the live broadcast can be connected to your smart device. Ma Honeycomb also has an open live broadcast section, which will become a common method for all platforms in the future, and each platform relies on its own content format to create live broadcast products with completely different styles and functions, so everyone must be open minded and do not think live broadcast The anchor is chatting with everyone for dinner or PK. Live broadcast has evolved many functions. Pan-entertainment live broadcasts like Douyin and Kuaishou have done very well, but no one has done it before, or very unprofessional. To do better grass planting and destinations through live broadcasts, and a more professional travel live broadcast platform.

Second, short travel videos. This is a very big trend in the past two years. The best way to share travel before is to use graphic information, such as notes and travel notes. This is still the same as a few years ago. Short videos are becoming more and more popular, and this immersive seeding rate is very high. It is recommended that you can express yourself in the form of short video. Short video production is not so difficult. Platforms like video have their own video templates, so you only need to take the fun videos you have taken through the template- Clip-assembly can turn into a very good travel video. In the travel video, there is a very professional video called the guide video, which contains a lot of travel information. After watching the video, the traveler can live and follow the video to travel, just like the previous graphic version of the guide. The difference between the vertical platform and the video platform is that it can better meet the traveler's demand for information and can better help you use the platform for marketing.

Third, the online pre-sale of cloud travel, currently all platforms are doing very well. Selling products on the Ma Cellular platform is different from other platforms. Ma Cellular mainly deals with Raiders and has released the Raiders 2.0 strategy, that is, you can directly book the products inside while browsing the Raiders, and you can buy such products live. Through the strategy to cut into the product, if the person who recognizes the gameplay will agree with the product, and then book directly, you can also enter the product store through the author page, so this is actually a business model that directly binds content and transactions. For example, all the tradable platforms such as Xianfeizhu, Meituan, Ctrip, etc. are currently doing pre-sales. Ma Honeycomb called "Warm Spring Pre-sale". The low price is first pre-stored. There are many scenic spots or products. The time is two months or even three months later. This method can help scenic spots, restaurants, hotels, destinations, or ease the income pressure of online travel companies, realize the return of funds faster, ensure their normal operation, and achieve a win-win situation for all parties. There are also many marketing methods, such as cross-border integrated marketing. In addition, the surrounding tour may be a new hotspot and a promotion meeting that has been done before. Because the epidemic cannot be launched, you can try to rely on online platforms for cloud promotion.

Finally, to fight against the epidemic, I hope to be here forever and hope that we will travel in the future.