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Taizhou Tourism Shanghai Shanghai Tourism Promotion Alliance will become the preferred target market

Date: 2013-07-02

June 24 -25 days, with "June Taizhou Yangmei Hong" as the theme of a series of activities organized by the official in Shanghai, activities include: Taizhou Tourism Shanghai Tourism Promotion Alliance cum Taizhou busy month product description, Taizhou Travel Plaza Consulting , Taizhou and Shanghai travel exchanges and other activities. The event marks the official tourism Shanghai Taizhou Union was established to promote, it is foreseeable that in the future, there will be more and more people came to Taizhou Tourism Shanghai, Taizhou and Shanghai will become the first man tourist destination.

Taizhou month prosperous activity has been held for 2 years, was launched by the Tourism Bureau, Taizhou tourism projects in 2013 is around the National Tourism Administration, "China Ocean Tourism Year" theme, according to the different characteristics of the Four Seasons area, the introduction of high-quality tourist route. In Spring flowers, summer fruit picking, pick tangelo autumn and winter seasons set stocking for the content of tourist routes, has won the attention of many travel enthusiasts.

Summer is that people are most passionate rising tourist season, but also busy travel month Taizhou most fiery moments. Many Shanghai people eyes locked in Taizhou, the Taizhou busy month as a tourist destination of choice. Convenient transportation, long coastline, comfortable climate, beautiful natural scenery and relaxed atmosphere of the humanities that have made Taizhou became the Shanghai people travel around the ideal place.

With fiery tourism, the tourism industry has been unprecedented fierce competition, the major tourist attractions in order to attract tourists, came up with all the stops. Taizhou in weather and climate, accessibility, cultural environment, etc., do not lose any of a domestic tourist attraction, relying for years to promote Taizhou month prosperous activity, Taizhou, in a very short period of time, has become the East China tourism market Jiaojiao one of.

Therefore, the "Taizhou Tourism Shanghai to promote establishment of the alliance," the development of the tourism market for Taizhou has important significance. At the opening ceremony, there are more than 60 major travel agencies and 20 Shanghai Shanghai to participate in the mainstream media. Exceptionally grand atmosphere, forming a strong news propagation effects. To encourage and support the development of alliances to promote Shanghai travel enthusiasts travel to Taizhou Taizhou Finance Bureau, Taizhou City Tourism Bureau issued a special "travel outside Taizhou Ground incentives" for a delegation to Shanghai Taizhou travel reward. Taizhou person in charge of the scenic spot distributed data, received on-site inquiries, making it Taiwan's favor City has been further strengthened.