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Multiple trips Shanghai Tianzhu scenic tourist train blew cool summer tour

Date: 2013-07-15

China Network July 15 from Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area News reporter was informed that since July, Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Gondola Longwo leveraging the large opening line of the machine launched the "Cool World, summer hydrophilic Tianzhu" theme activities to attract with Shanghai, Nanjing and other Yangtze River Delta region a Bobo summer summertime vacation tourists. Six times from Shanghai tourist train and to "enjoy amusement life" as the theme of Geely Dorsett faithful enjoying self-driving tour Tianzhushan cool.

2013 May Day holiday on the eve of the dragon nest lifts built and put into use, not only one solution to the past tourist season queuing congestion dilemma, but also for the visitors opened the Tianzhu Kumi open "West Gate", a taste of "hidden in purdah did not know "of the original ecological area - great dragon nest scenic setting, but also for the peak area turned into a most efficient channel for tourists throughout the tour glories, Lotus Peak, Lake alchemy best big cycling tour line offers convenient.

Tianzhu drove along the winding road all the way to the big winds westbound Longwo area, where peaks King show, clever everywhere, winding paths, winding streets. Here is the biological reproduction of paradise, summer summertime resort.

Visitors orderly manner into the new cable car, walk ten thousand ares woodlands slowly floating above the stunning panoramic view of the original ecological scenery: the complete original forest cengluan pinnacle, known as a living fossil of rare biological relict class wild tentacles availability of state protection of rare species Metasequoia, Ginkgo biloba, incense trees, Phoebe, parvifolia, Cephalotaxus, tulip tree and ornamental value sieboldii numerous other wild flowers; harvest season, mountains and plains are red wild hawthorn, sweet sweet wild kiwi, let picking, a real treat.

Biodiversity conservation demonstration bases across the kingdom, dense trees, vines twine, free room looking over the cliff into the Dendrobium, Tianma, latent Magnolia expensive medicines; Umbilicaria, fungus, mushrooms and other microbial resources everything; Syrmaticus , thrushes and other birds singing in the side of passing; salamander, pangolin, civet cat and other jumps from time to time in the mountains of the wizard to tourists brought an unexpected surprise. Pure water of the sun, pure sweet mountain spring water, as well as all over the world anion lung wash, refreshing, spiritual multiplication, this tour has wished he could bring back the urge to pack.

Mountains drifting clouds tumbling maneuvers, wanton changing with posture, turned out thousands of shapes, kaleidoscopic magic show. Tram visitors to leisurely enjoy the open-air exercise beauty, inadvertently crossed several overlapping peaks is so easy and convenient. Visitors sit comfortable and quiet inside, indulge in the quiet harmony of nature landscape, do have some charm, do not is a pleasure.

Big Longwo Tram advanced design, safety and comfort, run fast. No need to worry about the line up, do not worry about security, but also no more wind and rain and sun, protect you all the way to a good mood. Tram travel 1430 meters, can carry 1,600 people per hour. Luxurious, first-class. Steadily rising process, but only 5 minutes, leaving no shelter stopped to enjoy the full range of Mountain Scenery, adding fresh journey experience! If you feel not enough to enjoy it, do not worry, there's still more geological wonders waiting for you. (Yao Jing)