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Aviation industry fell into ice valley, private charter flights is booming

Date: 2020-03-06

The crisis of commercial flights, became a private charter business opportunity.Increase rapidly in the short term, global private charter flights, but, in many disease risk and covered with dark clouds before the global economic outlook this opportunity maybe is just a flash in the pan.

New crown virus outbreak has hit the global aviation industry, according to the international air transport association's report, the global aviation industry in the first quarter loss of 40-5 billion dollars.And China's aviation industry is in the ice valley, from January 20 to February 17, 170 vehicles from China's international flights were canceled, China's aviation market scale decline by 80%, from the ranks third in the world, fell to the 25th.

Private jet operators, however, is the surge in demand, because rich people want to reduce as much as possible appearance in public places, at the same time, in the face of flights, people also need to look for alternative solutions.

Chartered private providers PrivateFly chief executive Adam weddle said: "there is no doubt that the demand for temporary charter flights.We received a lot of collective evacuation advisory, consulting from enterprises and individuals."

For example, a disinfection team to fly in Asia, another family from Hong Kong to Bali, but don't want to sit commercial flights.Also, a film company recently chartered consulting company Victor, they want 50 people to charter flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

Charter operators said, since last December, the virus first appeared in China, and spread to the six continents, such consultation is becoming more and more common."By private plane demand increased a lot, especially the long-haul flights."Clients are high net worth individuals Insignia Group, the US President Richard lewis said, "they don't want to sitting in the same room with other people."