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Guomao Hotel, Kerry Hotel, International Hotel ... Several high-star hotels in Beijing have opened food and beverage

Date: 2020-03-04

The opening of the take-out service not only reduces the loss of hotel catering, but also helps employees of resumption enterprises to solve dining problems.

With the resumption of production and production, companies have gradually increased. In order to solve the problem of dining for employees, many high-star hotels have delivered food. On March 2nd, Beijing Minzu Hotel officially launched a catering takeaway service, and launched a reservation function on Hungry Me, WeChat Mini Program. According to reports, the hotel currently offers takeaway food including roasted duck rolls, buns and other dishes that are easy to pack and carry, and can also be customized according to customer needs. As of now, the hotel has provided takeaway dining services to many companies or users within 5 kilometers.

Relevant person in charge of the catering department of Beijing Minzu Hotel said that in order to ensure that guests can rest assured, the hotel strictly quarantines food and ingredients every day, and at the same time conducts body temperature testing on daily employees, and asks the take-out staff to wait at the designated location outside the hotel.

It is understood that previously, a number of high-star hotels, including Beijing International Trade Hotel, Beijing Kerry Hotel, Beijing International Hotel, have opened food and beverage delivery services.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, hotel catering and catering services have been suspended, and the opening of take-out services will not only reduce hotel catering losses, but also help employees of resumption enterprises to solve dining problems. The relevant person in charge of the catering department of the Beijing Minzu Hotel also said that with the resumption of work by surrounding large enterprises, how to avoid gathering meals while helping employees to eat safe and hygienic meals has become a mandatory question. The hotel helps more surrounding enterprises solve the dining problems after resuming work by setting up takeaway services.