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Civil Aviation Administration: The Chinese and Foreign Aviation Department plans to implement 2304 round-trip flights in the next week

Date: 2020-03-02

Of the 2,304 round-trip flights planned for the coming week, 72 overseas destinations in 38 countries have access to passenger flights; 67 destinations in 33 countries have access to full cargo flights.

According to the flight plans submitted by Chinese and foreign airlines, in the coming week (March 2-8), 111 of the 75 overseas destinations and 50 domestic destinations (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) of the 75 countries that are in service Regions, the same below) to maintain regular flights, and plan to perform 2304 round-trip flights (1479 passenger and 825 full cargo) in the week.

In the coming week, among the planned 2304 round-trip flights, 72 overseas destinations in 38 countries will reach passenger flights; 67 destinations in 33 countries will reach full cargo flights. Chinese airlines operate 1,117 flights, 867 passenger flights, and 250 full cargo flights; foreign airlines operate 1,187 flights, 612 passenger flights, and 575 full cargo flights.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China also stated that of the above passenger flights, 23 countries were unilaterally operated by Chinese airlines, including Egypt, Australia, Pakistan, Brazil, Belarus, Belgium, Germany, France, Philippines, Finland, Cuba, Netherlands, Canada , Kenya, United States, South Africa, Nepal, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Hungary, India, United Kingdom. Countries that have resumed navigation include Algeria, and overseas destinations that have resumed navigation include Algiers, Siem Reap, Luang Prabang, Sendai, and Indianapolis (full freight).