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More than 300 scenic spots have opened in China

Date: 2020-02-28

The epidemic is not over, if you go to the scenic spot to play must not crowd, wear masks, comply with the scenic spot management system.

As the epidemic situation gradually improved, some scenic spots across the country opened to the public one after another.More than 300 scenic spots have opened in China, according to online travel platforms such as ctrip and lvmama.

According to information released by ctrip's global entertainment platform, scenic spots across the country have increased by more than 10 times compared with a week ago, with ticket bookings on the platform increasing by 100 percent every day.Some unopened scenic spots begin to pre-sell in advance to prepare for the opening, offering as low as 50% discount, valid for 3 to 5 months, "refund at any time" and other services.According to the latest data released by lvmama yesterday, daily ticket bookings on lvmama's platform increased by more than 120% in the week of feb 20, feb 26.

After the resumption of the opening of some scenic spots, the number of tourists soared, resulting in the scene of peak periods and dense crowds in some places. How to solve this problem during the current epidemic prevention and control period?Lvmama said that she and several scenic spots launched the "safe and sound, safe play" scenic spot alliance initiative, covering public health and venue prevention and control, scenic spot tour management, scenic spot intelligent operation and other aspects, access to the "health code", to achieve "contact-free" inspection to reduce the risk of tourists;Ctrip said, has launched the scenic area gathered in the service specification, strict enforcement of tourists shall not exceed the maximum daily capacity by 50%, the first open outdoor outdoors, timely open standards such as current limiting the number of scenic spots, the response of the first scenic spot has reached dozens, including the jiuhua mountain, thousand island lake, zhouzhuang, longmen grottoes, huangguoshu waterfall, the ends of the earth, and so on.

Tourism industry experts suggest that the epidemic is not over, people should continue to reduce outdoor activities as far as possible, such as to visit the scenic spot must not crowd, wear masks, comply with the scenic spot management system.