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Could tourism lose trillions and take a year to fully recover?

Date: 2020-02-16

China's tourism industry may lose more than a trillion yuan due to the outbreak.And as the disease spreads, the global tourism industry will also face a severe blow.The rush to rework has begun, the bustling army of reworkers is on the move, businesses are getting back on their feet, but the travel industry is struggling.

Under the epidemic, the tourism industry fell into a general silence during the Spring Festival golden week period -- scenic spots closed, hotels idled, restaurants closed, OTA platforms and major hotels still worried about consumers' cancellations and reschels despite the losses.

The hardest part for tour operators is the unknown end of the epidemic.The recovery of SARS can be seen from the end of the epidemic to the complete recovery of the tourism business to the normal level, at least half a year, at most a year.Only by making sufficient preparations can enterprises endure until dawn.

Tourism could lose trillions

The outbreak time line was sorted out, and the gap between the first admission of new cases in wuhan and the "shock" in the tourism industry was only 6 days.It was less than a week before New Year's eve, and the travel strategies of the little red book, hornet's nest and other communities had already been incorporated into people's travel plans.More than 30 percent of the 450 million trips expected during this year's Spring Festival holiday will be made before the New Year's eve, according to ctrip's "Chinese New Year travel forecast report" released in early January.However, with the rapid fermentation of the epidemic, tour groups were suspended, tourist attractions were closed, the Spring Festival golden week ended, the tourism industry was greatly affected.