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2019 tourism 'fast forward' and 'slow down'

Date: 2020-01-03

Hotels, scenic spots such as the expansion of the service quality of traditional forms come to promote the "crossroads".

In 2019 for the travel industry is booming, the continuing growth of outbound and inbound overweight, still make tourism with great growth, in this context, ice and snow, high-speed rail travel, such as heating up, tax-free industry also ushered in the new "player";But on the other hand, the traditional formats such as hotels, scenic spot expanding also let reached to improve service quality of "intersection", by the competent department of policies and regulations, also let the "slow down" to check their industry.

Fast forward > >

Ice and snow


With the approaching of the Olympics, ice and snow kept increasing become the trends in 2019, as a result, ice industry is become the annual thermal economy.In November, according to a hornet's nest, according to data released since the snow season began, with "ski" "ice and snow tourism" and other relevant keywords heat up 21.7%, major ski resorts in the overall heat up 111.9%.

Among them, as the snow and ice economy vanguard's northeast was the first to hand over the paper.On December 23, 2019 opened their doors to Harbin ice and snow world, only in that day the number 07000 people, up 29%;Ticket sales income is 1.785 million yuan, up 17% from a year earlier.In addition, 2019 ski industry also gradually explore the new mode.Beijing commercial daily reporter statistics found that the nanshan, stop eight yi, vanke Shi Jinglong ski resorts, ski resorts are open night in the future will have more businesses to join "night economy" army of skiing.

World tourism city federation of expert committee chief expert xiao-an wei when attending the 4th JiLinXue expo has said, first-class ice and snow resources in China is facing the golden opportunity to the economic development of ice and snow, the snow and ice economy will continue to heat, promote the development of the tourism industry.

Duty free

New incoming

2019 duty-free market opens the "dark war" mode, the incoming of Caesar tourism accelerated the competition strength.

On November 3, 2019, Caesar tourism, according to the announcement clearly to hainan to set up the tax-free group company, the registered capital of 200 million yuan.Caesar said, tourism business and duty-free shopping has the strong complementarity between, can promote the tourism product sales, hope that through to carry out the duty free business extension tourism value-added services, to create the company's new profit growth point.

In Beijing second foreign languages institute, an associate professor at the Chinese culture and tourism industry research institute li-yun wu's view, today's China duty-free industry has formed a highly monopoly status, has become a major focus of capital industry.At the same time, the business institute special experts, executive vice President of Beijing commercial economy society Lai Yang also put forward, along with our country tax the rapid expansion of consumer demand, the future will have more and more enterprises and capital into the industry."And the current domestic market really need to have new blood into tax-free, trigger a new competition in the market, as long as there is market demand, there is competition."Lai Yang said.