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Hotels and restaurants using recycled products should be a trend

Date: 2019-06-06

According to "byelaw of Shanghai living garbage management, from July 1 this year, the city catering service and distribution service provider" shall not take the initiative to offer consumers of disposable chopsticks, spoons and other utensils ", at the same time, the hotel room and business operation entities shall not take the initiative to offer consumers disposable daily necessities ".

However, this does not mean that after the hotel in Shanghai, will bring a full range of bath and sanitary products, according to the city's culture and tourism bureau issued "on the city's tourist lodging industry does not offer rooms disposable daily necessities of the implementation opinions", don't take the initiative to provide disposable daily necessities mainly refers to the "guest room internal by recycling and reuse in daily life, travel to carry and convenient for consumers, by tourist accommodation enterprises to provide a one-off alternative consumables".Has finally been wen travel bureau in Shanghai in 2019 "the tourist hotel industry in the city don't offer of disposable commodity catalogue" only six items, respectively is "toothbrushes, combs, bath brush, razor, nail file, and shoe brush".

In fact, in addition to the toothbrush and comb, the rest of the four items listed in the catalog, does not see more in the hotel, consumers use frequency is not high also.And has long been criticized waste more disposable toilet soap, bath fluid, toothpaste, slippers, etc., temporarily not included.This is because the current directory should consider consumers carry convenience, soap and slippers, carrying the inconvenience and bath and toothpaste on the market, the vast majority of capacity more than prescribed by civil aviation department, also bring inconvenience.

Has not been listed in the catalog, does not represent the soap and so on the disposable products don't have much waste.According to figures released ctrip, more than seventy percent of hotel soap will be discarded after use once, while the national bureau of statistics data show that in 2017 legal limitation above hotel industry of our country has 19780, 3.93 million rooms, 6.26 million beds, room revenue of 205.1 billion yuan, so calculate down, every day used a number of soap, toothbrush will be discarded.In addition, the restaurant industry using the number of disposable tableware, also is not a small number.

Hotel will be discarded used a disposable products, also creates its own operating costs increase, but the cost is passed on to the lodger.But the hotel is the use of disposable products, and even provide some very use disposable daily necessities, sometimes not tenant rigid demand, but in order to reveal the hotel's own high-end positioning.Similarly tenant versa, some consumers will use disposable hotel supplies, as a kind of high-grade consumer experience, rather than the actual demand.

Living garbage reduction, recycling and harmless, not only help to improve the living environment, also helps to maintain ecological safety, guarantee sustainable economic and social development, need every operator, each server, every consumer involvement.In other words, to protect the environment, reduce waste, use recycled products as much as possible, should become the new consumption fashion.To the formation of such environmental consumption new style, not only need the industry self-discipline, also need relevant management departments intensify propaganda guidance, more in need of consumer understanding and support.

In fact, for the hotel and catering enterprises, disposable supplies were no better than "tall" recycled products, today, some enterprises will be hotel or restaurant elements into the consumers in the form of cultural creative use of recycled products, good results have been achieved.Some recycled products can be taken away, the consumer will carry these products, continue to use even in the trip back to home to share with friends and relatives, another word of mouth marketing for enterprise success.

That is to say, although one-time soap, bath, toothpaste and so on the disposable daily necessities, at present has not been included in the relevant directory Shanghai, but that does not mean directory will always stand still.In meet the demand of consumer related enterprises, under the premise of considering its goods carry convenience, shall provide washing, disinfection, research and development and the recycled commodities, to gradually replace the disposable products.It can not only save resources, reduce energy consumption and guiding green consumption, also can cause enterprise's fine management, improve service quality.