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Japan will develop a Harry Potter theme park at the former Toshimaen site, which is expected to open in 2023

Date: 2020-09-03

According to the "Yomiuri Shimbun" website, the Japanese subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment and Seibu Railway Company announced that they had concluded an agreement on August 18. The former site of the "Park" develops a theme park for the popular movie "Harry Potter". The theme park is expected to open to the public in the first half of 2023, and plans to attract 2 million visitors each year after opening.

The theme park is named "Tokyo Harry Potter Movie City" and has a total area of approximately 30,000 square meters. In the theme park, in addition to the costumes worn by the characters in the movie and the props used, you can also see many sets designed during the production of the movie. It is said that if you want to visit all the theme parks, it will take half a day.

In this Universal Studios, visitors can experience the scenes in the movie, which will also become the second such facility in the world besides the "Harry Potter Film City" opened in the UK in 2012. In addition, Toshima Park operated by the Seibu Group will be closed at the end of this month.

Harry Potter is the protagonist of a British writer, a teenager who can use magic. The first film of the same name adapted from a series of novels was released in 2001, and subsequent sequels have also won super popularity in countries around the world.