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Industry ripening, the 'chaining' e-sports hotel industry will become the future development trend?

Date: 2020-06-28

Recently, iResearch released the "2020 China E-sports Industry Research Report". The report shows that the overall market size of e-sports will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2019. In the future, the commercialization of e-sports will further promote the growth of the e-sports ecological market. The market size is expected to reach 160 billion yuan in 2021.

China's e-sports industry is booming, and the innovative integration of e-sports with other industries is becoming more and more extensive. The new business format of "E-sports+" has also begun to emerge.

Taking the "accommodation + e-sports" e-sports hotel as an example, its professional e-sports venue has also been recognized and accepted by more and more mainstream consumer groups, ushering in a rapid development wave. According to incomplete statistics, in just three or four years, the number of e-sports hotels in the country has soared to nearly 3,000, of which branding and chaining are a mainstream trend of its rapid development.

Drivers of the change in the chain structure of e-sports hotels

Scene, service, experience, brand appeal and operation system are the core factors driving the chain of e-sports hotels.

First, by definition, traditional hotels and e-sports hotels have overlapping parts, which are commercial hotels that rely on accommodation; however, from the positioning of the two, traditional hotels tend to be one-way accommodation demand consumers, while electricity Jingjing Hotel covers a wider range of consumer groups, and is more geared towards the gaming crowd, personality groups, and young consumer groups. Therefore, it pays more attention to the creation of unique scenes and atmosphere, which is an upgraded version of traditional hotels. Guests can experience comfortable accommodation in the hotel, enjoy social gaming and experience the multi-layered charm of professional gaming.

The fierce competition in the traditional hotel industry has become a trend in the Red Sea market. Facing the continuous reorganization and reshuffle, e-sports hotels are favored by the market as an emerging cross-border business. As a result, quality and service began to become uneven. As a result, the advantages of branded e-sports hotels are highlighted, and consumers will turn more to branded e-sports hotels with good experience and excellent services, so as to obtain consumption guarantee.

Secondly, guest expectations are constantly improving. The main market of the post-90s young people as the consumer group expects to obtain higher-quality consumer services. They pay attention to enjoyment, strong consumption ability, more autonomous and diversified consumption awareness, and at the same time, they have high loyalty to the brand. Compared with chain-branded hotels, the “operating pain points” of individual hotels are obvious. They have a small market size, lack a systematic and complete operating system, and do not have a unified standard for quality and service.

More importantly, compared with the single e-sports hotels, the chain e-sports hotels also occupy the first-mover competitive advantage in price and cost. The large-scale e-sports hotel chain has the advantages of strong cost control and resource supply. Its scale can solve the problems of uneven products and high costs in individual stores.

Efficiently linking upstream and downstream supply and demand sides, e-sports hotel chains can take full advantage of their scale, work closely with resource manufacturers, and instead provide high-quality, low-priced sources to franchise stores, thereby reducing procurement costs. On the other hand, the comprehensive channel and operation system established by the e-sports hotel chain can also provide convenient one-stop procurement services to franchise stores as much as possible, thereby providing consumers with high-quality and low-cost consumption services.

The core of the development of chained e-sports hotels is to establish a brand advantage among end consumers, including increasing the attractiveness to consumers through prices, scenarios and services, improving consumer trust in quality assurance and service improvement, and through storefronts. Management and operation system to improve the overall brand operation efficiency, these are the key to the e-sports hotel's trend towards chain.