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The second wave of recovery, wine tourism into the era of 'full 5 fold'!

Date: 2020-06-12

After the first wave of recovery in the Qingming and May 1st holidays, the wine and tourism industry, with the help of the industry's self-help and many online travel platforms (OTAs), the second wave of non-stop arrival. The most notable feature of the second wave of recovery is the rise of mid-range consumption, the overall 50% discount for tourism and hotel products, and the new marketing era that focuses on operating light channels has arrived ahead of schedule.


Flying Pig Tujia Meituan frantically issued "Summer Subsidy"

In June, several regular festivals have been the key to the marketing of the wine travel industry, one is the small long holiday on the Dragon Boat Festival, and the other is the summer vacation. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this year's 618 e-commerce shopping festival has also become an important marketing node for the second wave of recovery in the wine travel industry.

Tmall 618 ushered in a special tour product tour this week. On June 10th, Feizhu announced the launch of 800 million subsidies from joint platform merchants and 6,000 special tourist products covering various destinations across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Xiamen , Lijiang, Chengdu, Xi'an, Sanya and other key regions. It is understood that during the 618 period, Tmall will also welcome more than 100 travel merchants BOSS live broadcast in Feizhu, including the general manager of the old travel agency for 20 years, the founder of the emerging travel company, the president of the international hotel group, and Person in charge of single hotel.

As early as June 6, Meituan Dianping announced that in order to support the exclusive activities launched by the Beijing consumer season of "taste consumption, FUN life", from now on to the "Eleventh" Golden Week, the joint platform will be Merchants provide Beijing users with vouchers in ten areas including catering, shopping, and culture, with a total subsidy of 1 billion yuan. Since entering June, in the wine travel industry, Meituan has provided users with a variety of travel discounts such as hotels, homestays and attractions tickets, and recommended safe hotels, homestays and scenic spots to users through safe living and safe play logos. destination. Users can not only receive value-added hotel discount coupons of up to RMB 5 to RMB 300 at Meituan, but also directly purchase high-end hotel "US rate coupons" such as Accor Xinyuejie, Jinling Hotel Chain, Country Garden Hotel Group, and Central South Hotel Group. Book online and redeem a 1-night stay at a high-star hotel in many cities across the country.

Tujia, which has always been rooted in vacation travel, launched the "Early Summer Special". It is reported that users only need to spend 1 yuan on the main page of the Tujia B&B APP activity to buy a "screaming red envelope" worth 100 yuan, as of June 30 days before booking a designated homestay order, the red envelope can be used to deduct room rates when a certain amount is reached.


50% off, the hotel is focused on the mid-range market

Compared with the first wave of recovery, the second wave of industry has also shown some new changes while vigorously promoting sales.

First, gradually transition from surrounding tourism to inter-provincial tourism

This is the most obvious change. During the first wave of recovery, according to the data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, from May 1 to May 5, the country received a total of 115 million domestic tourists and realized domestic tourism revenue of 47.56 billion yuan. The data for the May Day holiday in 2019 was 195 million person-times and 117.67 billion yuan. Compared with last year, this year's "May Day" holiday visits nearly 60%, tourism income is about 40%, about 60% of people choose short-distance travel. Since June, according to relevant statistics, cross-provincial travel bookings across the country have continued to climb, and the Dragon Boat Festival and the summer vacation are bound to reach their peak.

Second, gradually transition from high-end consumption to mid-range market

The first wave of tourism consumption has an obvious characteristic, that is, more high-end consumption. On the one hand, because of the explosive release caused by the closure of the epidemic, on the one hand, it is still caused by the hype of various media, plus the promotion of live broadcasts, which stimulated consumption. The impact of this stage is that the market is showing a trend of polarization. Take hotels and homestays as examples. Some hotels and homestays have even surpassed the price before the epidemic. Taking the homestays around Hangzhou Xixi Wetland as an example, Shilifangfei and other star-star homestays have long been hard to find. Room below yuan. However, some of the popular homestays in Xiamen, Yunnan, and Beijing were unoccupied even for 99 yuan.

According to relevant statistics, many of the first wave of recovery are "passionate consumption" and "impulsive consumption". There are also a large number of chargebacks and complaints. The main reason is that the prices are high and the services cannot keep up, which affects the brand reputation. But with the arrival of the second wave of recovery, according to various statistics of OTA, it is found that high-end consumption is gradually transitioning to mid-range. On the flying pig event page, the sea castle of Sanya MGM debuted with a sea view room for 2 nights and the floor was 1499 yuan. Price, and like the Hilton Garden Hotel 2 nights 599 yuan, 99 yuan Mercedes-Benz airport transfer, etc., has almost become a basic level of explosion.

Third, 50% discount becomes the norm

Compared with the first wave of wine sales promotion, the single product promotion is more common, like the egg promotion in the supermarket, the egg is cheap, and other promotional products are limited. But since the second wave began, the major platforms have been wildly released. For example, the flying pig live broadcast room is full of "buy one get one free" benefits of major tourist BOSS. Some people's tourist destinations, such as Gubei Water Town loved by Beijingers, Guangzhou's label Chimelong and Sunac, Hangzhou Songcheng and surrounding Qiandaohu Hengdian, Shanghai Net Red Waldorf Astoria, Lijiang Net Red Puxiu, etc. The price is generally around 50% off.

Meituan also cooperated with the merchants in the scenic area to issue consumer subsidies to users. For example, Beijing Happy Valley added double subsidies to merchants through the Meituan platform. The adult ticket costs only 292 yuan, which is equivalent to a direct discount of 4.9% on the original price.

During the "Early Summer Special" activity, Tujia, in addition to selecting cities with good epidemic control including Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Dali, Chongqing, Kunming, etc., took the lead in introducing good geographical location, outstanding value, and better service quality. Good quality homestays, focusing on Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Suxichang and other regions, recommend the homestay of the surrounding destinations. On the basis of ensuring the playability of the route, the homestay is private, comfortable, safe and unique, with a 50% discount Give back to users.

An industry source said: The merchants have been suppressed for too long and no longer hold back. Taking the 50% discount as an example, compared with previous years, the first wave of recovery may only account for about 20%, and now basically exceeds 50%. In the second half of this year, the 50% discount should become the norm.


Live broadcast: the strongest point in 2020 is a pseudo-proposition

As for this issue, the space secret agent has already made many articles to discuss and early warning as early as two or three months ago. But in the past two months, even in the wine travel industry, live streaming has been considered the strongest outlet in 2020. So in this industry, cats and dogs are ugly and handsome, regardless of whether there are a few drops of ink in their belly, they are concentrated in front of the camera. Regrettably, due to the overheating and death, various data falsifications and scandals of live broadcasts and cargoes have emerged.

Compared to traditional graphics, live broadcast can display richer and more complex information, and can also interact with the anchor to increase the perceptual experience. Coupled with greater discounts, live broadcasts have received more and more attention in a short period of time, which is certainly worthy of recognition. But unfortunately, the live broadcast of the wine travel industry is currently moving in the direction of simple and rough "hours of high-intensity advertising."

Why was Liang Jianzhang's live broadcast a huge success? Other followers are more "voicing" and have not realized much commercial value. In fact, carefully sorting out Ctrip’s success lies in three factors: one is Ctrip’s online travel king status; the second is Liang Jianzhang’s personal influence as an industry KOL; the third is that Ctrip and Liang Jianzhang are well versed in the gameplay and skills of live broadcasting, and Fully planned and prepared.

After carefully studying the 11 live broadcasts of Liang Jianzhang, you will find that, except for the first one, which is a bit "stupid", it is getting better from time to time. Liang Jianzhang brushed one city in 2 days and traveled through 31 cities in China, and completed a list of talents that the outside world thought were impossible to see. From the change of the national essence to the singing of rap and seagrass dance, Cosplay spanned 2 nationalities and 4 Five celebrities and sages from the dynasty, ancient and modern, and 11 identities.

According to the latest financial report, affected by the epidemic, Ctrip's revenue in the first quarter of 2020 fell 42% year-on-year to 4.7 billion yuan, with a loss of 1.2 billion yuan. Liang Jianzhang created a 400 million sales for Ctrip through 11 live broadcasts in 31 cities in China at the rate of two cities in one day. -Therefore, rather than saying that Ctrip is carrying live broadcasts of goods, it is better to say that this is Ctrip's organized, planned, and classic business plan.

Therefore, it is a pseudo-proposition that the live broadcast of goods is said to be the focus of 2020. With the advent of the 5G era, live streaming will become the norm. However, compared with the widely-defined live broadcast e-commerce, the prices of tourism products are relatively high and the frequency is low. In addition, the current large discounts are based on saving the loss of the epidemic. Whether the future is sustainable is still a question to be considered.


The rise of new marketing: community operation or OTA change

Compared with the wine travel industry's dependence on Ctrip, Meituan, Feizhu, Tujia and other OTAs, entering the second wave of recovery period, in addition to making full use of various platforms, the wine travel industry may have to start building its own moat ecology. . The dividend competition for traffic is already very fierce. In the future, it must return to content and brand. Private domain traffic and community are rising. These changes will also trigger changes in OTA.

Recently, Ji Xiaoxiang, founder and CEO of Dalezhiye, said in an interview with 36 Krypton that Dalezhiye, as a well-known brand of homestay, has always attached importance to online brand marketing and community services. During the epidemic, it has achieved a lot Grades.

Most of the homestay brands get 80% of their traffic from OTA platforms, and Da Le Zhi Ye is the other way around. There are more than 100,000 fans in the public account of Dalezhiye, and then there are various communities and traffic matrices. The order volume obtained from the WeChat public account and community operated by itself can account for approximately 70% of the total number of orders. -80%, only 20%-30% of the OTA platform. Of course, Da Ye Zhi Ye has never denied the importance of platforms like OTA. In April, they also participated in many activities similar to live broadcast, and did some basic work to improve the occupancy rate. At the same time, they also made an online mall to sell local specialties, which can be regarded as an agricultural behavior to interact with customers, and the effect is very good.

Ji Xiaoxiang said that it is only an independent cultural and creative sector, and there are independent teams to do professional operation and as a long-term plan for the field of Dale. Because there are so many good things in the countryside, how to connect the urban and rural areas through a platform window is actually a very imaginative industry.

Coincidentally, the recent recruitment of Flying Pig also envied many young people. According to, a recruitment notice appeared on a recruitment platform recently, recruiting several travel anchors with live broadcast experience to prepare for Tmall 618. In addition to applicants who need to meet the requirements of under 30 years of age, love to travel, and be familiar with the cultural landscape of various countries, the recruiter also hopes that the applicant has more than 2-3 years of live broadcast or tour guide experience, knows how to grow grass and has the ability of e-commerce to bring goods. Such a host, the demand side promises to be given a base salary of 10,000 yuan, and the capable person, combined with the sales commission, can get a monthly salary of up to 100,000 yuan, so live while traveling, the annual salary of 1 million is really not a legend.

To sum up, the epidemic has accelerated the change of marketing model. Those who think they’re broadcasting live will follow suit—others play the community, and I keep throwing spam at hundreds of communities—and people who can earn money in this way will gradually be estranged by the crowd. The epidemic has added too much uncertainty, and it has also catalyzed the evolution of the way of communication. The first choice for brands and platforms is not the way of transmission, but what is your core content. Then, at different times, grasp the mainstream way To communicate, that is to find the language of in-depth communication with users in the mainstream trend, with the constant brand core, respond to the ever-changing market.