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Ma Honeycomb Report: Traveling Live as the Main Force in the Revitalization of the Travel Industry

Date: 2020-04-26

2020 is a watershed moment for the development of live tourism.

During the Spring Festival, the epidemic suddenly arrived, and travel to enter the "love but not available" wish list of the people. Merchants and experts who have had a taste of travel live broadcasts have begun to seriously consider and practice live broadcast travel because of the suppression of travel by the epidemic, so as to maintain long-term communication with the vast number of "tourists" at home. Not only that, operators such as pan-entertainment platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, travel platforms such as Ma Cellular and Ctrip, China Mobile and China Telecom entered the market one after another, announcing that the "tourism live broadcast era" has come.

Recently, Ma Honeycomb released the first industry live report "Travel Live Era-Cultural Tourism Ecological Insight 2020" (hereinafter referred to as "report"). The report pointed out that compared to the pan-entertainment live broadcast, the audience of the live broadcast of travel prefers the in-depth outdoor play experience, and has higher requirements for the "purity" of the travel play content and the depth of the experience. Compared with the "sale lipstick-style" e-commerce live broadcast, which has the advantage of low prices, the live broadcast viewers are often attracted by the live broadcast content before forming a travel consumption decision. This requires the platform to have the ability to quickly gather global travel talents, businesses, and tourism bureaus. While providing interesting travel content, it also needs to provide cost-effective travel and play products.

The scale of the live broadcast of Ma Honeycomb is growing rapidly, with anchors all over the world.

As the best online scene to establish connections with users such as destinations and scenic spots, live broadcasting is becoming a catalyst for the revitalization of the tourism industry. The report data shows that since April, the live broadcast of the Malaysian cellular platform has increased by 108% over the same period in March, and the number of anchors has increased by 58% over the same period in March.